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Smile Makeover

Aimed at creating a positive change to your teeth and to your


Smile enhancement can have dramatic results on your overall

appearance; even the smallest step can boost your confidence,

self-esteem, and make you want to smile more. With modern

advances in dentistry, cosmetic procedures can range from a

basic color correction to replacing missing teeth, and everything

in between.

I don’t like my teeth or my smile – what can I do? A wide variety

of options are available to improve tooth function and how your

smile looks. See how other patients with similar problems were helped,

Cosmetic dentistry treatments currently in use include:

Dental Veneers: A dental veneer is an ultra-thin shell of tooth-colored porcelain

or composite that is cemented over the facial surfaces of your teeth to correct

dental issues including worn tooth enamel, uneven tooth alignment or spacing,

tooth discoloration, and chips or cracks. Receiving veneers is a minimally invasive

process, and Dr. Wolf and our cosmetic dentistry team  know exactly how to make

it as easy as can be for you. 

  • Worn enamel: Tooth enamel can become worn or dulled naturally over time
    (consuming soft drinks, tea or coffee, smoking and the use of certain
    medications), or as a result of a genetic predisposition. Veneers are perfect for
    correcting smiles affected by worn enamel

  • Wear and tear: As we age, our teeth naturally begin to wear down. Aged teeth are more likely to have chips, cracks or a generally uneven appearance. Veneers can restore the natural appearance of healthy, youthful teeth

  • Genetics: Certain people are born with abnormal spacing between their teeth that widens with age

  • Uneven teeth: Uneven teeth can result from the grinding/gnashing of teeth, and/or through general wear and tear. This can lead to bite issues (malocclusion) in addition to cosmetic smile issues

  • Discoloration: Stubborn tooth discoloration may not be fully correctable through teeth whitening. In such cases, veneers can offer a simple, cosmetic solution

Inlays/Onlays: Also known as indirect fillings, inlays and onlays made from porcelain or composite materials are a long-lasting yet aesthetically pleasing way to provide a “filling” to teeth with tooth decay or similar structural damage. Whereas dental fillings are molded into place within the mouth during a dental visit, inlays and onlays are created in a dental laboratory before being fitted and adhesively bonded into place by your dentist.

Composite Bonding: Chipped, broken, discolored or decayed teeth may be repaired or have their appearance corrected using a procedure called composite bonding. A dental composite material with the look of enamel and dentin is applied into the cavity or onto the surface of a tooth, where it is then sculpted into shape, contoured and hardened with a high-intensity light. The result is a restoration that blends invisibly with the remainder of the surrounding tooth structure and the rest of your natural teeth to create a healthy, bright smile.

Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is perhaps the most commonly recommended cosmetic dentistry procedure. Teeth are often stained from smoking, food, drink (coffee, tea or red wine) or poor oral hygiene. Bleaching the teeth can enhance the appearance of your smile.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are artificial tooth root replacements that are used as a part of prosthetic (artificial replacement) dentistry in order to compensate for tooth loss. Often the result is not only an enhanced smile, but also a more youthful appearance, since missing teeth cause the face to collapse, making you look older. (Learn More...)

Full Mouth Reconstruction: While consulting with you about a smile makeover to primarily improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile, Dr. Wolf may discover that there is a need to provide necessary treatment to correct functional problems with your bite, muscles, teeth and bone structure. If you need full mouth reconstruction, the materials available today make it possible for us to provide you with durable, functional and clinically sound treatments that also look natural.

porcelain dental veneers are placed to repair damaged teeth

"Change Your Smile

                Change Your Life"

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